Winning trust in government is hard to get and easy to lose; how do you turn the tide? LGITSA sponsor, Redman Solutions are bringing together experts to discuss the complex issues of Local Government in their webinar series, Tuesday 12 May 2020 at 11am (AEST)

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With a steady decline of trust in government over the past decade, turning the tide and regaining confidence should be at the forefront of every council in Australia and New Zealand. In recent times Local Government has come under intense scrutiny as a small handful of councils have stolen the headlines for all the wrong reasons. The lack of transparency across financial decision making has further led to an increased distrust from the community.

Join the session on Tuesday 12 May at 11am (AEST) to discuss the current climate, the challenges that local governments face in rebuilding trust and confidence from their communities, and how local governments can run an open and transparent government. A live and anonymous question forum will to allow you to ask any question about public sector trust from our panel.

Session Guests and Facilitator

With extensive experience across Local Government as a former CEO, Deputy CEO before transitioning to advise and work with Local Governments and founding Redman Solutions, Geoff Redman has seen and lived through the challenges of the changing landscape of Local Government.

As a trusted adviser to many and an expert on trust and transparency, Neil Glentworth is solving the most difficult public and private global issues and assisting governments in transforming through data-driven decision making and engaging with citizens.

Having led teams in Executive roles across all three levels of government, our facilitator Keirstyn Spencer has a comprehensive understanding of government and a passion for solving challenging problems that lead to data and mission-driven community outcomes.

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