LGITSA has finalised and officially launched the cyber security framework (and implementation toolkit) for our sector, which is tiered to cater for different risk profiles. The framework includes baseline control expectations incorporating the Essential 8 and other security controls for information, personnel, and facilities. Templates and supporting guidelines are also provided to complete the ‘toolkit’.

Cyber security framework and implementation toolkit:

01. LGITSA Local Government Security Framework v1.0
02. Local Government Security Toolkit Diagrams v1.0
03. LGITSA Security Governance Policy v1.0
04. LGITSA Local Government Information Security Policy Manual v1.0
05. LGITSA End-User Security Policy 1.0
06. LGITSA Actions and Improvements Register v1.0
07. LGITSA Information Asset Inventory v1.0
08. LGITSA Security Calendar v1.0
09. LGITSA Implementation Toolkit v1.0

The recommended next steps are to:

• Establish and embed a structure for managing security into your Council’s organisational structure.
• Review and adopt the new framework to mature your cyber security program.
• Sign up for the LGAAMF cyber security uplift program.
• Join an upcoming virtual training session on the framework – stay tuned for further details.

This project was assisted by the Local Government Research & Development Scheme administered by the Local Government Association of South Australia.

Comments and feedback always are welcome to info@lgitsa.com.au