Nominations Booklet – LGITSA Awards 2018

Nominations have now closed

The Local Government Information Technology SA (LGITSA) Awards have been introduced in an effort to promote and reward excellence in Information Technology (IT) and Information Management (IM) across the Local Government sector in South Australia. Through this recognition it is envisaged that the overall perceived professionalism of the sector will improve, resulting in increased pride by all Local Government participants whose valuable contribution to IT and IM often goes unnoticed.

The awards, and the associated stories underpinning them, will also be used as a promotional opportunity to the wider South Australian, and potentially Australian, technology, government and corporate sectors. All awards will be presented at the awards Gala Dinner as part of the LGITSA Conference on Thursday 18 October 2018.

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Award Categories


All entries for LGIT SA 2018 Awards must be submitted via an online form, found at by 12 noon, Thursday 6 September 2018.

  • You don’t have to complete the form all at once – you can create an account and save your work to complete at a later date.
  • You can also download a Word document from the LGIT SA website to help you gather the information prior to completing the online form.
  • Choose your username and password carefully.
  • For assistance in completing the nomination form, please contact Rhiannon Grebenshikoff on 8291 7990 or

Download the Word format data collection form here

Data Collection Form

Criteria for Nominations

Nominations should be understandable by a Council Member and a member of the community. Nominations will be judged and shortlisted based on the following criteria. The judges may ask shortlisted candidates for further questions that help clarify their thinking.

  • Summary description of the nomination (Maximum of 2 paragraphs): Should be a clear and concise description of what the nominations is for.
  • Explain the nomination via an “elevator pitch” (up to 300 words) ie what, when, how, who, why and how much.
  • Achievement and effectiveness (up to 250 words): Demonstrate the tangible outcomes of the work, including what changes or improvements were enabled, who benefitted and how the nomination achieved its objectives.
  • What really happened (up to 250 words): explain the challenges faced during development and delivery of the initiative and how they were overcome. Please also include an update on how everything is going now as a result of the change.
  • Address the Category (up to 250 words): Provide evidence of the way in which the initiative fits the nominated category.
  • Innovation (up to 200 words): Demonstrate how the project implemented new ideas and creative thinking to achieve its goals.
  • Value adds (up to 150 words): Identify any other value-adds your Council realised as part of the initiative.
  • Provide up to 3 pictures that visually support the nomination – to be provided separate to the nomination form, email to by 3 September 2018.


An independent judging panel is responsible for the judging of entries. The judging panel for each category will consist of a cross section of professionals selected in good faith from former Local Government IT/IM sector professionals, LGITSA partner organisations, and/or independent nonprofit organisations invited by LGITSA. Each category will be judged on its merits.

Judges will score the nominations out of 2000 then subtract the number of FTE employees in the Council. LGITSA will provide a list of Councils and the number of employees. The judges may use their discretion if they feel that two nominations stand out and they cannot split them they may identify two winners for the category. If nominations are of such a high standard and there is 1 winner, they may identify up to two commendations for the category.


“Adelaide Hills Council was delighted to participate in the LGITSA Awards program last year, and even more delighted to have been the recipient of the Information Management Excellence – Rural Award. The opportunity and the process ensured that we appropriately reflected on the project and the outcomes which might otherwise not have been acknowledged in the same way. Simple projects are often assumed to be business as usual however taking the time to reflect on it through the LGITSA Awards program reminded us of the great benefit of even the most simple projects. Completion of projects are often not celebrated so we appreciated the opportunity to participate and celebrate this simple but important project with the team involved.”
Natalie Westover, Manager Property Services, Adelaide Hills Council

“The 2017 Awards clearly identified that there are many people across our sector delivering high quality technology and information innovation to our Councils and communities. It was an honour for everyone in our team to win an award. It was a great way to finish off a tough and challenging year. It also helped to build cultural bonds across the business because the initiatives are based on our workforce embracing technology and change.”
Chris James, Manager Information Services, City of West Torrens

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