LGITSA has been formed to give its members across the 68 councils in South Australia a place to share and discuss common challenges we all face. It also will be a place where councils can promote and share common tools, ideas and solutions that we all use and develop. We hope by providing this medium it will encourage councils and its members to be able to work closer together to foster and build a strong network and community of members so no matter how big or small the council is we can all share and learn together.

View LGITSA Inc constitution:
pdf LGIT SA Constitution (394 KB)

pdf LGITSA Member Value Proposition (101 KB)

LGITSA represents members' interests and promotes the highest professional standards and ethical behaviour. We support continuous improvement through education, interchange of information and best practice. LGITSA assists with the understanding and uniform application of the Local Government Act and provides proactive review of current and proposed legislation.

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