Adaptive and Thriving

Thanks to all who attended the LGITSA ‘Adapt and Thrive’ Regional Workshop at the Adelaide Hills Convention Centre. It was great to see a big attendance of members and sponsors who contributed to thriving conversations.

Missed out on attending or ready to see it again?

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Tell us how it is

As always, the value and direction of LGITSA events is driven by member participation and feedback. We’d love to hear what you thought about this event and what you’d like to see in the next one!
Feedback provided by May 18 
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Slidedeck Sidekick

Presentations from the LGITSA Regional Workshop have been uploaded and are available for members to login and view. Jog your memory to share all the adaptive ideas and presentations here.

Snappy Snapshots

We captured all the things on film (well, digitally) so you can show your Council what an awesome presentation you did, participating in those thriving conversations and how awesome an LGITSA event is.
Check out all the photos here

Magic Moments

We know, sometimes the pictures just don’t do it justice! Check out and share the event video here that gets to all the good bits in 3 minutes.

Watch the video

Shape your brain. Have we lost your attention already?

Our #Kerrific opening keynote speaker, Dr. Fiona Kerr shared amazing insight into our brains on leadership and developing adaptability, willpower, attention and how to achieve cognitive alignment for success. Don’t just take our word for it, try her tips to build a better brain!

  1. Use your non-dominant hand – Brushing your teeth, doing up buttons, even turning door handles with your non-dominant hand starts to map new pathways in your brain that creates greater capacity for neurogenesis (a bigger brain!).
  2. Exercise – physical movement to create oxygenation and release brain building ‘BGNF’.
  3. Novelty – pick up something new and different. Learn a language or an instrument.
  4. Eat well – The gut is the second brain, fermented food and roughage use gut microbes to build additional capability for the brain. Is your diet making you dumb?
  5. Sleep – Maintenance and packing those memories of things you learnt at LGITSA happens while you sleep, most dreaming in the last cycle of sleep as long as you get more than 7 hours!
  6. Nap – Yes, more sleep! We are built for 2 sleeps in a day. A 20-25 minute nap in the day has a huge amount of benefit to the brain.
  7. Run on the spot – Getting up for some quick movement every 30 minutes will rejuvenate your brain, increase your mood and help you get. stuff. done.

Well, have you been pwned?

Closing the LGITSA Regional Workshop event on Friday, our panel of cyber-security experts reminded us that while every organisation is issuing updates to their data privacy T&C’s,  keeping up with the Jones’ (oh and GDPR and NDB) it’s important for us to keep an eye on our data security too. Troy Hunt’s impressive round up of breaches comes with a handy tool to check how many times your email has been caught up in the mix. Check yours on the website at

In Other News…

There’s plenty happening around the network, keep an eye out for more details these or hit the links here for more information.
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Diary Dates

  • Micro Focus User Group  – Micro Focus account managers will be in town next week for a chat. We’re hoping to round up a group, more details very soon…1-3pm, Wednesday 16 May at the City of Tea Tree Gully
  • Public Sector Local Government Transformation Series – KPMG will play host to an event with a couple of our own peers and a number of other speakers. Free to attend if you register with this link8am – 1pm Tuesday 22 May at KPMG, 151 Pirie St
  • Lunch ‘n’ Learn – Smart Cities and Open Data – We’re all working on ideas for open data and will work better toghether with some alignment between what we’re publishing, the value is exponential. The idea of this discussion is to look at common datasets and define data models for every Council to publish. With Smart Cities and Suburbs Funding Round 2 now open, we can include this in the agenda and any other topics of interest. More details to come soon, suggestions welcome.11am – 1pm Wednesday 6 June at the City of Tea Tree Gully
  • LGITSA Conference and Awards Gala – We’ve just finished the last one but we’re already planning the next one and it’s shaping up to be another cracker! If you’ve got a story to share or seen something great, let us know. In the meantime, get it in the calendar and stay tuned for more.18-19 October, Adelaide Convention Centre

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Smart Cities and Suburbs Funding
The Federal Government has announced Round 2 of the Smart Cities and Suburbs funding, closing July 2. Business.Gov has put together a good summary of the essential details here and for previous winners and all the information, check out the official website here.

Australian Smart Communities Association
The Australian Smart Communities Conference is on this week, as we speak, in Melbourne. Keep an eye on their website here for any big news or follow along with #SmartCommunitiesAU

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